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Terms of Hire

Gateway House Conferencing Terms and Conditions of Hire


Please find below a list of terms & conditions that must be adhered to when using the Gateway House facilities for all events. Failure to comply will result in your deposit being withheld or your booking cancelled.


To confirm and secure your booking, we require at least a 50% deposit. You will need to make full payment of the event fee a month prior to your event start date. 

Refundable Deposit: Please note that part of the condition for using Gateway House facilities for your event is that you would need to pay a refundable deposit. The amount will depend on the room you are hiring. This is to deter against damage to any of our facilities during your event. You would receive the refundable deposit within seven working days after your event if there is no damage to any of our facilities, otherwise, you will forfeit part or whole deposit and pay extra charges depending on the extent of the damage.


You will have access to the building within the agreed timeframe. However, outside these hours, additional costs may apply. Please ensure that you do not go beyond the confirmed time.

Alcohol & Smoking

Please note that alcohol and /or smoking of any sort is not allowed anywhere on the premises. If you or any of your guests smoke or drink alcohol while on the premises your event will be terminated without prior notice.



Discretionary discounts may apply for long period bookings or repeat custom



  • When hiring the hall, you must take account of the location and size.

  • Venue capacity must not be exceeded at any given time for any given reason.

  • All costs are for the hire of the facilities and must be paid in full not later than 6 weeks prior to the date of hire. Failure to comply could result in you losing your booking along with your deposit.

  • All bookings for the hall must include setting up and clearing up time.

  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all guests remain within the hall and that children are not allowed to run outside onto the street.

  • Music and/or any associated noises must be kept to a minimum level. All music must be turned off atleast 30 minutes before your event time is due.

  • All fire exits must be kept clear at all times.

  • The hall must be cleaned and returned to the condition as found before the deposit will be returned. All rubbish is to be stored in black bags and disposed of in the wheelie bin.

  • The hirer will be required to pay for damages to structure, appliances, equipment, furniture, fixtures or fittings.


Deposits and Cancellation

  •  Deposits must be paid within two working days of receiving your confirmation.

  • Unless stated otherwise, deposits sums shall be 50% of grand total (where this is applicable) of hired venues.

  • A minimum of 14 days written notice prior to the proposed hire date is required for cancellations

  • Deposits will not be returned for any cancellations made within 14 days of the proposed date of hire.

  • An administration charge is applicable for all cancellations – this is usually 20% of the deposit.

  • All deposits will be refunded within seven working days.

  • If a deposit were to be withheld, notification in writing would be received by hirer no more than 72 hours after expiry of period of hire stating the reason for withholding.

  • Should the hirer not accept these reasons s/he must write to the management within seven working days of date of hire.

  • All bookings remain provisional until the full booking fees have been made.

  • Gateway House reserves the right to cancel any booking should any unforeseen circumstances arise.




  • The kitchen located in the Avenue is excluded from the hire unless this is a confirmed part of your booking

  • We will provide you with our health and safety guidelines, which we ask you to read before using the chosen Gateway House Venue.

  • Gateway House cannot accept any liability for goods belonging to the hirer or their guests that are lost, stolen, or broken during the period of hire.




Once you fill in the booking form and secure your booking with a payment, you agree to our terms and conditions of hire. 


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