Catering Services

Owing to a rich network of catering partners, Gateway House can adequately provide quality catering for your meetings, conferences, wedding and other social events. Since Gateway House is not tied to any particular catering provider, there is a very competitive pricing policy amongst our catering partners which means you are bound to get very high quality service and a variety of menus within the constraints of your budget.

Public Address System and Video Projection

Using the latest technology in PA systems, our technicians will ensure that your event is not short on good sound quality and video projection. Our PA services come complete with cordless lapel and hand held radio microphones; as well as corded microphones, complete with adjustable stands.

Video and Multimedia Services

The need to capture your corporate or social event on audio or visual media cannot be over emphasised. To this end, Gateway House provides skilled and motivated technicians to help you relive your event on any combination of media of your choice

A summary of multi-media services follows:
  • Multiple Camera Shots
  • Digital Master Copies
  • In-House Camera crew
  • Vision Mixer
  • Lighting
  • Photography
  • Videography